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CaliSports and FEDECOLDE, an example of social inclusion

CaliSports and FEDECOLDE, an example of social inclusion

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The Cali Sports Fest is the major sports event in Cali, Colombia. Up to 80 categories of sports and activities took place at many different places, and FEDECOLDE - the Colombian Esports Federation had a place there representing the Esports.

E-Sports Cup 2019, will be held in the VIP room of the El Pueblo Coliseum. There are going to be played magnificent finals of the game Fifa 2019 and also matches of League of Legends; In addition to exhibitions with renowned gamers and professional soccer players.

During this sports party different events will be held simultaneously in the city, these events happened on Saturday, September 7 and Sunday, September 8.

FEECOLDE officially developed an imersion in Esports showing an example of operation and a way to use Esports to integrate the comunity and games, as a tool to reate a better citizen. The American capital of the sport will be the first stage for the presentation of incredible sports shows such as Tatán Mejía Freestyle Motorcycles, the presence for the first time in Cali de Bossaball (a spectacular mix of ball sports practiced on inflatables, which requires a great dexterity and power), the E-Sports 2019 Cup of electronic sports (in the VIP room of the El Pueblo Coliseum), the Grand Slam of Sports Dance 'Open to the rhythm of the sky' (pure rumba for dance and music lovers) and the cosplay.

"To us it is a honor and an great opportunity to show to all people in Colombia why we exist as FEDECOLDE and how the Esports can bring people to a better world", said Mr. Alexandre Ospina, president of FEDECOLDE and Vice-president of PAMESCO.

Bellow some of the pictures of the event

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