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CBDEL's Education Commission

CBDEL's Education Commission

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The CBDEL Education Commission takes office and starts operating in May 2018. In it are distinguished people whose services, studies and dynamics between sport and society have already contributed to the sport as a whole in Brazil.

For us it is a dream fulfilled to have the Education Commission with so many prominent names being nominated and inducted. For electronic sport this will be invaluable, since the insertion of electronic sports in the context of study and in the socio-educational actions in which we will put forward this Commission will make all the difference for the practitioners and for the students that enter this category, regardless of their school time, be it fundamental, basic or superior. Moreover, educational studies on electronic sports will further contribute to this category being legitimized by the seriousness of its positioning and advancement not only practical but also, cultural and research always advance to its fullest as a real world sport. We once again take an important step toward becoming examples to the world. - reports Mr. Daniel Cossi, President of CBDEL

CBDEL is currently implementing many of its committees and composing the members of each one with the real intention of having with us only what the cream of studies and experience in the diverse areas in which it will act, all aimed at the electronic sport.

Presiding over the Education Commission is Bianca Gama Pena, current president of the National Sport E-Museum and also an educational researcher, she will be the president alongside Lamartine DaCosta, icon of sports education in our country, with studies and several articles already published acting in the area of ​​sports education teacher and UERJ research.

The esports are presented as a possible answer for the development of innovation in technology. As such they become a modality that meets the recommendations of the International Olympic Committee's 2020 Olympic Agenda as well as the CBDEL Education Commission in its goal of promoting electronic modalities of traditional sport. Esports based on these principles imply engaging diverse stakeholders from the national and international educational axes to provide a platform for mobilization and diffusion, developing the practice of esports in a manner accessible to all people and sectors. - reported Mme. Bianca and mr. Lamartine.

For the electronic sport, this is only the beginning, they are still taking possession and if composing other Commissions and Councils and Committees in the CBDEL throughout 2018.

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