Who is who

We are here commited and engaged to create a better esports ecosystem for the american continent.

Executive Committee

executive decisions, representation and leadership
Alexander Ospina/ President /
from Colombia
Constructing the esports environment in Colombia and region for more than 13 years.

  • Electronic Engineer
  • Specialist in the management of Olympic Sports Organizations
  • Member of WESCO
  • Former Vice-president of Triathlon South American Confederation
  • Former Vice-president of Triathlon Colombian Federation
  • Former competitive gamer (esports athlete) and leader of team
Donald Muñoz
Donald Muñoz/ Vice President /
from Mexico
Degreein Communication Sciencies. Specialist in General Law of Physical Culture and Sports.
Fernando Montes
Fernando Montes/ Secretary General /
from Colombia
Lawyer, specialist in public law and master in human rights and international humanitarian law. Active Player of AoE2 DE - GoW5 - LoL
Pedro Chirino
Pedro Chirino/ Treasurer /
from USA
Postgraduate in Sports Management. Former Technical Director of Multiple International Sport Events.

Council Board

adivisoring, counseling and guidance
Daniel Cossi
Daniel Cossi/ Chairman of the Council Board /
from Brasil
Nicolas Crespo
Nicolas Crespo/ Council Member /
from Argentina
Rodolfo Sorto
Rodolfo Sorto/ Council Member /
from Honduras
Emgelbert Farfan
Emgelbert Farfan/ Council Member /
from Venezuela
To Be Appointed
To Be Appointed/ Council Member /
from xxxxx
Guest Region
Pablo Melgar
Pablo Melgar/ Council Member /
from Guatemala

Our Administrative and Operational VPs

operations, coordination and realizations
Sofia Cabezas
Sofia Cabezas/ VP of Finance /
from Colombia
Provide strategic management of the accounting and finance functions.
Rene Maldonado
Rene Maldonado/ VP of Marketing /
from Colombia
Developing and implementing a cohesive marketing plan to increase brand awareness.
Gustavo Rodriguez
Gustavo Rodriguez/ VP of Communications /
from Mexico
Develop, socialize, and ensure uniform delivery of appropriate messaging to all relevant stakeholders and audiences.
To be Appointed
To be Appointed/ VP of Esports /
exo exo exo
Hugo Martinez Ceja
Hugo Martinez Ceja/ VP of Projects /
Propose and develop events in favor of electronic sports for all of America.
To be Appointed
To be Appointed/ VP of Inst. Relations /
exo exo exo

Our Commission Presidents

taking care of the integrity of each theme that most concern and shape the esports ecosystem
Valdez Franklin
Valdez Franklin/ Social Development /
from Santa Lucia
social inclusion, gender and family
Samuel Jourson
Samuel Jourson/ Promotion & Foment /
from Guadalupe
promote and create awareness and actions
Diego Florez
Diego Florez/ Olympics /
from Colombia
olympic movement and olympism values
Fernando Solera
Fernando Solera/ Antidoping /
from Brazil
antidoping commission and evaluation
Mario Ramirez
Mario Ramirez/ Regulation /
from Mexico
recognition and regulation of esports
To be appointed
To be appointed/ Ethics /
Exo exo exo.
Jun Hyeok Yang
Jun Hyeok Yang/ Athletes /
Representative of athletes and regulation of competences.
To be Appointed
To be Appointed/ Referee /
exo exo exo.
To be Appointed
To be Appointed/ Publishers /
exo exo exo.
To be Appointed
To be Appointed/ Health /
exo exo exo.
To be Appointed
To be Appointed/ Legislation /
exo exo exo.
To be Appointed
To be Appointed/ Technical /
exo exo exo.