Country Members of PAMESCO

Only Regional and National Governing Bodies (NFP)


The recognition of the regional and/or national association (or federation or even confederation) should be given most preferible by the Ministry of Sports or the respective govern entity and/or by the National Olympic Committee. If the member organization still do not have the necessary govern recognition the PAMESCO will work to make easier and faster such recognition.


The legitimization of every member is done by the affiliation and also by the sanction from PAMESCO. On the other hand PAMESCO is also acreditad by it's partnership with other countries and also with regional partnerships and it's sports authorities and also govern authorities. The same works when PAMESCO has a parnership and membership with other International organizations of Sports, Esports and other areas.


A National Federation or Association, depending of the country the title name will change, must be founded within the precepts established by respective coountry Law. It is not enough to have been founded purely and simply registered as a Private Association and have its name chosen as "Federation" or any other name. In addition, it must be established within, in our case, the sports standards required for its operation.

These are our National Esports Governing Bodies


First step to become a member of PAMESCO is to have the proper documents at hand and update in an ordered fashion.


We use the criterias of affiliation stablished by third part companies when it comes to documents reviews and check ups.


Sending the proper visual identification to our databse is mandatory since there is a lot of similar names and organizations.


The standards and other technical criterias of affiliation are provided and stablished by WESCO, and after that recognition by IESF.