Litigation Resolution Chamber

Created to decide an commercial issues by means of a sentence very similar to that which would occur in a judicial process. The process is conducted by one or more arbitrators, who are accepted by the interested individuals themselves in the fair demarcation of the question. The judgment of the arbitrators has the same legal value as the sentence of a State Judge, that is, the merits of the decision made by the arbitrator can not be reviewed by a Judge. It is precisely the inexistence of resources that makes arbitration, as a rule, faster than the state solution of conflicts, through the judiciary. If a resolution period is not settled, 180 days are given for the final decision. Possible Issues Resolutions: between clubs and athletes on the maintenance of the employment contract in cases where there is discussion about a international transfer of the athlete. Labor disputes between clubs and athletes, coaches and technical assistants provided by common agreement between the parties involved. Cases in which the club is in financial debt to the athlete. Conflict between clubs over training compensation and the internal solidarity mechanism. Conflicts between Brazilian clubs about compensation for training and the solidarity mechanism of WESCO, IESF and PAMESCO. Cases involving intermediaries against the club, player or coach Litigation arising from the International Regulation for Registration and Transfer of Electronic Sports Athletes and International Regulation of Electronic Sports Intermediaries.

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