Our administrative and operational structure
In addition to the Presidency and the Board of Directors, PAMESCO is composed by Councils, Committees, (Temporary) Committees, Esports Litigation and Commercial Resolution Chamber and High Court of Esports.

Transparency, compliance and meritocracy in our governance and administration and operational all standards.

The Administrative and Operational Structure

Presidency, Board of Directors, General Departments and Independent Departments
PAMESCO has a large infrastructure to operate and administrate the Esports all over the American Continent. We have to have separated areas so we can promote and operate the Esports as any other regular sports category and all the necessary levels

The way we are built

Our corporate governance is the set of practices that aims to improve the decision-making process in the institution, aiming to protect all parties involved, which in turn increases transparency before the market and the confidence of partners and sponsors, facilitating the access to third party capital. The analysis of corporate governance practices mainly involves transparency, equal treatment of sponsors and partners, and accountability.

President and Directors

President and Vice-president keep the business, politics and all the Esports supply chain running an going in a good fashion, the secretary-general make all the necessary arrangements for it to be possible and keep the tracking of all activities and actions, and the Directors make it all happen, planning and executing their vision and the goals os the Confederation


They are formed by groups of people who have knowledge of a certain area or areas for purposes, created to provide the category with the deepening of topics related to Esports and questions related to the professional exercise in the various socio-occupational fields in which the practitioners of this sport category inserted.


The Councils are institutional, plural, permanent, autonomous channels formed by representatives of civil society, whose attribution is to propose directives of PAMESCO's operational policies, to supervise them, and to deliberate on them, being management bodies linked to the executive level which must guarantee its permanence.


The majority of all our departments are made by people who has expertise in specific knowledge areas such as Antidoping Departments, Health and Performance Departments and other areas.

Independent Departments

High Court of Esports

System similar to that of the Judiciary. The cases to be tried may come from denunciations made by prosecutors of the HCoEE, in the same way as a public prosecutor, regarding facts occurred in interstate or national competitions or of appeals of cases judged by state High Court of Esports of each country member. The complaint is analyzed in the first instance in the "Disciplinary Commissions". If the parties feel dissatisfied with the result, they may appeal to the Plenary of the HCoEE, the last instance of the Sport Court of Electronic Sport in the American Continent.

Litigation and Commercial Resolution Chamber

Made to decide an issue by means of a sentence very similar to that which would occur in a judicial process. The process is conducted by one or more arbitrators, who are accepted by the interested individuals themselves in the fair demarcation of the question. The judgment of the arbitrators has the same legal value as the sentence of a State Judge, that is, the merits of the decision made by the arbitrator can not be reviewed by a Judge. It is precisely the inexistence of resources that makes arbitration, as a rule, faster than the state solution of conflicts, through the judiciary. If a resolution period is not settled, 180 days are given for the final decision.


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Regional Governing Bodies

Partnerships and Mutual Recognition