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PAMESCO has just been granted the possibility of having more than 22.000 players of FIFA20 under it's Umbrella, and distribute those players to many members who belong to it's institutional esports ecosystem.

WESCO has a new member, EFA - Electronic Football Association, a global esport private association promoting events of the franchise FIFA, but also accepting the subscription of many different teams and athletes of platforms PS4, XBOX ONE and PC. Those players are not in the totality, institutionally professional athletes, since it is up to each national governing body to have it's own Legal procedures to "federate" any athlete affiliated to it's system. Some of the governing bodies are not yet capable to federate an athlete due to issues like Legislation, Regulations or Recognition of the esports in their countries. At least Brasil has the capability of registering the players as federated athletes, as far as we know. 

Under the Umbrella of WESCO, PAMESCO is now considered to be the largest esports institutional and governing body organization in Americas, in terms of subscribe players and potential esports federated athletes within one franchise alone, FIFA20, and it will be distribute for those governing bodies that already are presented in the private esports system, with the list of players subscribed to the esports system from EFA. On the other hand EFA will talk to each governing body, under the guidance and permission from PAMESCO, and WESCO, so each member can contact and/or plan how they will invite those player to their own esports institutional environment.

I am sure that from those 22000 players most of them play different franchises so we expect to have even more hype and triple the size of our esports scosystem institutionally speaking, with all the potential esports athletes and teams that will rise from those numbers, and this is but one of the many improvements and changes we are promoting inside the new age pf PAMESCO, there are still a lot news coming up, stated Mr Daniel Cossi, president of PAMESCO.


EFA ESPORTS, maintaining its perspective of Pan-American growth, joins PAMESCO, expanding its organization and efficiency in organizing ESPORTS tournaments. Now, integrating PAMESCO the level of quality and organization has evolved and automatically the visibility for athletes and everyone involved in EFA ESPORTS who will accompany this ecosystem,  declares the CEO of EFA, Mr Hudson Rodrigues.


On EFA there are now 12 countries from Americas with players and teams subescrubed in their system. From these 12 only the countries below has already a governing body member of PAMESCO:

  • Brasil - 
  • PS4 - 7000
  • XBOX ONE - 4717
  • PC - 609
  • Argentina - 
  • PS4 - 7719
  • XBOX ONE - 34
  • PC - 312
  • Mexico - 
  • PS4 - 1303
  • XBOX - 909
  • PC - 11
  • Colombia - 
  • PS4 - 2087
  • XBOX - 118 
  • PC - 27
  • Jamaica - 
  • PS4 - 4
  • XBOX - 0
  • PC - 0
  • Peru - 
  • XBOX - 1
  • PS4 - 241
  • PC - 27
  • Panama
  • PS4-700
  • XBOX ONE - 0
  • PC - 6

PAMESCO, together with WESCO will promote the inclusion of other countries from their members into the system of EFA, as well as invite other countries who belong to the system of EFA but is not yet a member of PAMESCO nor WESCO.

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