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Universidad de Palermo y DEVA

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DEVA y University Palermo /Argentina DEVA y University Palermo /Argentina DEVA Esports
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Esports Executive program at the Universidad de Palermo. This is the presentation of the executive program of esports at the university of Palermo in charge of the DEVA's secretary general, Nicolas Honeker.

in Argentina.

Fruit of the work of our team of directors and associated teachers, today we finally have the first class of the executive program of esports in this house of studies, which gave us their spaces to perform our first course of referees certified by Deva, then for our Cycle of talks, where we put together teams, players, companies and characters of the field, and now, for the first executive program of matter in the country.

Therefore, we greatly appreciate the efforts made by germán dozoretz, academic coordinator of the sports management area, and the authorities of the university of Palermo who trusted, once again, in the projects that the association of electronic sports and video games of Argentina put At the disposal of the establishment to launch and provide a plus of clarity to those interested in the subject.

Giving tools to professionals to properly develop in the field of Esports, is our greatest interest in the academic and university field.

In other levels of education, primary and secondary, we use the video game as a tool to educate. At the professional level it is not enough with the video game as a tool, it requires us as an organization to make available bibliography, comparative legislation, practical cases of Sports Management and the expert of the excellent professionals who make up the cloister of teachers who in an interdisciplinary way will They will be of special interest to the trainees.

I thank you on behalf of Deva, to this first litter of pioneers that with the effort in time and money that means, they have taken the first step to specialize in what they are passionate about. Thank you and i wish you an excellent course. "

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