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Miscellaneous Information:
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Common Queries and Questions

We do not charge for affiliation or any kind of services since we are not a service provider. What we will do eventually is to have a annual fee payed by our members.
we have two kinds of members: Full Members, which are the national governing bodies of each country, and Associated Members: private companies promoting esports in that country.
If you are a governing body, or want to become a governing body of any country in Americas where we still don't have one, just send us a message using our Contact form.
Once we deal only with the esports governing bodies and also the private leagues we are not suppose to accept direct teams memberships, it is up to the governing bodies to accept them.
Starting December 2019, when we are going to have our first Official Pan American Esports Championship, after that all our members will be promoting their Esports Competition Events
We are always looking for help and people engaged and committed to our causes. IN case you think you may contribute to our Esports approach in Americas please send us a message.

Stay tunned with our values, mission and vision

About Pamesco

As the American Continent Sole Governing Body of Esports, PAMESCO is ready to support and help the American Continent Esports environment so keep on visiting us for more news and updates


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